Oook these pictures need a little bit more explanation.  Where do I start?

First, I didn’t make the sketches for these drawings myself, I only finished them.(Because I have a thing for coloring other peoples work, or just doing the Lineart)

When the episode “Night of a thousand stars” was aired there was a little contest for that episode.

See here

So in case you didn’t click that Link, Colin Heck posted 3 sketches he did for said episode and the contest was about to screenshot the final rendition of these Sketches.

Originally I didn’t intend to even try to participate, because I’m slow and didn’t think I’d have any chance at winning anyway. (N.B. I did participate in the end, the screens above are those I took)

But I really liked the sketches so I turned 2 of them into finished pictures just for the fun of it.  I hope that’s ok OTL I know it’s more polite to ask first but I wanted to do them before the episode airs and I simply couldn’t wait.(and I admit that I’m less strict when it comes to official artwork as long as you credit the source and don’t pretend you did it all by yourself)

Now the episode has been aired I can compare my own rendition of a finished version with the actual finished rendition of them in the show. (Ok I didn’t even try to go for a fake-screenshot style because I was in the mood for other stuff)

So what you see above are two different results based on the same sketches. (and yeah I noticed now Tunalaqs eyes are off OTL, I might redo this one, probably in a fakescreenshot style using the color scheme of the screenshot result)

Can we talk about his magnificient eyebrows and his perfect hair why are all watertribe people so attractive must be in the family look at Korra Tonraq and the twins

I might do the Bolin one too, I just haven’t really figured out how since I wanted to make all three in rather distinct styles for the sake of pushing myself to to varied stuff.

The Varrick pic really dragged me out of my comfortzone and I’m very happy about the result.

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